How We Work

The team at the C4DI help businesses and organisations innovate and grow through using technology more effectively.

This can be through a number of different areas and we thrive on being presented with a challenge. Since C4DI started, we have worked with several local businesses delivering value-packed results.

These are a few specific areas where we have had significant success on the past including:

• Advising on any aspect of technology including data, applications, communication, software and hardware to ensure innovation is at the heart of your business.

• Identifying emerging technologies that will affect your future as a company, either in creating new opportunities or by your competitors adopting tools which could take some of your market.

• Carrying out a technology audit of your business, looking at strengths and areas for focus and improvement.

• Developing business intelligence tools and dashboards giving you insight into how to make better decisions for the business.

• Exploring potential for technology orientated solutions with rapid-prototyping, testing, reiteration and deployment.

• Providing access to a pool of experts across all areas of technology when you need specialist advice for a one-off project or short period of time.

• Working with you to explore new uses of technology to strengthen your position in the market.