Plant Lots of Seeds and Be Ready for When They Sprout

Luke Thornton’s enthusiasm for health, wellbeing and personal development is abundantly clear, not only by his energetic personality, but also by the vast array of business projects tucked under his belt. Luke’s work at the C4DI mainly revolves around creating digital content for health-focused businesses; alongside this, he provides a professional coaching service and delivers healthy lifestyle workshops to young children. We were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with him in our co-working area and meeting space.

Being a member of the C4DI offers Luke a professional working environment and a chance to gain insight into others’ opinions about the health and fitness world. The collaborative space and hot-desk setup situated on the ground floor of the building is particularly useful for comparing and contrasting the views of his fellow members: “It’s a great place to be,” he enthuses as we settle in one of the meeting rooms. “The C4DI has a really good atmosphere, allowing me to stay current as I hear the thoughts of people from a variety of different industries.”

Preparing to launch the brand new Discount Supplements website, Luke is working extra hard to create engaging content and SEO-friendly articles. His main goal is to help people make informed decisions about their lifestyle: “At the moment, I'm creating a lot of targeted, in-depth and insightful content for the website, social media and other marketing campaigns. I love using the meeting facilities at C4DI to connect with contributors, talk about interesting topics and come up with content that allows our online audience to gain better clarity.”

Clearly passionate about self-improvement and personal development, he also offers his clients an opportunity to brush up on their professional skills with his informative coaching programme. The service revolves around communication and public speaking, with some general business advice available too. Luke had to learn much of this from scratch when starting his own business, and is now dedicated to sharing his expertise by providing a valuable resource. In the future, he hopes to make more use of the C4DI boardroom, where he plans on conducting public speaking seminars and classes.

“I use the facilities for getting my head down and focusing on writing. The awesome atmosphere and spaces make a real difference to working at home, where my productivity is much lower. Just being around other similar-minded people helps me to improve my workflow, plus we have fantastic conversations that can lead to new and fresh (often unexpected) ideas. Getting another person’s perspective on a certain matter can really steer content and keep it relevant, which has significantly benefitted this current project.”

With Luke’s plethora of pursuits, the rest of his 2016 is certainly looking busy: “It’s absolutely crazy, I just hope things will quieten down during the school holidays so I can focus on my digital commitments,” he laughs as we draw near to the end of our chat. Luckily, he hasn’t run into any obstacles during his projects; however, if the situation does arise, he’s positive that he’ll be able to overcome it using his experience and the resources offered by the C4DI.

Before finishing, we couldn’t resist asking the business coach to share his best piece of advice with the rest of our community: “I believe the key thing is persistence. Just keep going. Plant lots of seeds and be ready for when they sprout.”

To find out more about Luke, please visit and follow @LukeThorntonTV on Twitter.