Real People.  Real Stories.  Real Success.

Simon Kidd

From concept to selling to a FTSE100 in three months.  Being a member of the C4DI has allowed me to drive the applications that I develop at a pace I’ve never been able to before. By spending most of my time in the “quiet room” it allows me to remove almost all the distractions I have been used to throughout my working life, leaving me to focus on what matters the most. The team at C4DI frequently run events that only members have access to, which not only improve me as a person, but also give me a competitive advantage over others in my field.

James Horspool - TXOPS

The beauty of C4DI is through its members, their connections, talent and the creative atmosphere within. I simply do not think I could not have achieved my vision anywhere else, because those now engaged with my project are truly engaged in a way that a purely commercial transaction could not achieve. I could not find a better pool of passion, knowledge and an ability to seek solutions and solve challenging problems under one roof, and the fact it is in Hull is fantastic! 



Jim Wardlaw - MrLista

Working alongside the members I was quickly flooded with lots of new clients and exciting work. I really enjoy having an ever changing cast of people to bounce ideas off, or just chew the fat over a biscuit or three.

Through C4DI I was able to turn MrLista from a long term dream into a full fledged startup. This would have never happened with out links to local investment and business advice that comes with being a member.